The Mission

Code name "Alien Match"

An Alien ship has been found on a routine North Pole visit, with a visible entrance we placed a device on the hull of the Alien ship to enable a host connection. once we had connected with the host, we found a presence of an Alien Brain behind a data force field this was protected by data blocks and in turn these were also protected by Icon Discs.

With your help we can purge all the data files to bring down the force field so that we can access the Alien Brain. Your mission is to match the Icon Discs to enable our security program to purge these data files.

The Host connection has a time limit before you are detected by the Alien brain, but you will have a time indicator to keep you aware of this. Purging will only happen when you match the Alien Icon Discs in horizontal or vertical rows of three or more. We believe that there are many levels of data that you must purge. Maybe if you are a professional matcher you can stick around on the level and maximise your score to try to gain the Rank of Supreme matcher.

  • Alien Match
  • Alien Match
  • Alien Match

Project Informaton:

If you have already purchaced this App, then a big thank you to you. We hope you enjoy playing the game and dont forget to look out for updates.

  • The Build: Unity
  • Client: Global Idea
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  • Platforms: Get it on Google Play & Soon Windows
  • Release Date: June 2015
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